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Liquid Development creates mission critical custom software applications that our clients use to improve decision making, reduce paperwork and increase efficiency. Since 2000, we have developed over 100 custom software applications from our software development center in Houston, Texas.

Windows Experience
Market Share Analysis Custom Software ApplicationMarket Share Analysis
Silver Eagle Distributors needed the ability to trend sales in the beverage industry to provide a better understanding of their market. Liquid Development created a system that combines data from various sources into a set of reports. These reports allow the executive team to trend and analyze market conditions resulting in faster response times to ever changing market conditions.

IKEA/Traemand KioskSelf Service Kiosk
The Traemand Cabinet Installation Kiosk is located in IKEA Stores across the United States. The self-service kiosk allows customers to easily sign up for any one of the cabinet installation and planning services available. The features include the ability to verify service availability by zip code, scheduling a date/time for service, and the ability check out and pay with a credit card. Since launching the kiosk, Traemand Cabinet Installation sales have steadily grown.

Well Data Reporting SystemWell Data Reporting System
TETRA Technologies was looking for a way to collect data from offshore oil rigs and oil fields in a format that could easily be shared with their clients and engineers. The biggest challenge they had was that internet access from many of the oil rigs and oil fields internet was slow, non-existent, or too costly. The Well Data Reporting System provides a method for users to collect data and store it locally on their laptops until they are ready to batch it in to the central database. The process sends the data in a manner that utilizes bandwidth efficiently so that slower connection speeds can still work and expensive satellite connection costs remain low.

Depreciation, Depletion and Amortization Accounting Sarbanes Oxley ComplianceOil & Gas Accounting SOX Compliance
Maritech Resources needed an application to compliment their existing Oil & Gas Accounting system that would enable them to be compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley. Their system for calculating Depreciation, Depletion and Amortization (DD&A) worked perfectly, but consisted of a series of Excel spreadsheets that could not track changes in a manner that auditors were comfortable with. The solution was a client server application that imports data from the Oil & Gas accounting software, allows users to make changes, approve changes, perform calculations and send the data back to the accounting system. The entire process keeps logs of what data is changed and by which users so that the auditors can print out a simple report to see the necessary audit trail.

Client Testimonial
The new program was received enthusiastically!! I was pleased and maybe even surprised at how completely they embraced it.

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Janey Lack

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Types of Business Solutions Delivered
Our solutions solve a wide range of business problems and span most industries. To give you an idea of our capabilities we’ve included a list of common business problems that our software applications address:

Advertising/Marketing Employee Review Project Tracking
Analysis/Reporting Extranets  Portals
Business Intelligence Finance & Accounting Share Point
Content Management GIS Mapping Safety
Compliance Human Resources SCADA
CRM Intranets Time Tracking
E-Commerce Pipeline Scheduling Websites

Windows Development Technologies
Our developers are skilled in a wide range of technologies, the most common of which are listed below. If your requirements dictate a technology that is not listed, please contact us to see if our current staff can accommodate you – if not we will gladly refer you to someone we trust.

C# MySQL SQL Server 2008
Crystal Reports Oracle SQL Server Reporting Services
DB2 PostrgreSQL SQL Server Business Intelligence
DotNet SQL Server 2000
Java SQL Server 2005 Visual Basic
Microsoft Reports

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